Matters Needing Attention When Using Refractory Materials


matters needing attention when using refractory materials

Pay attention to the following points when using refractory materials:
1)After pouring, if it is not fully cured, the lining body is often damaged before sintering due to its low early strength and loose structure. The lining body will heat up suddenly and sometimes burst.

2)The thickness of the lining body is thin, the pouring space is small, and there are many nails between the mold and the burner. When pouring and vibrating, the operation of the vibrating rod is extremely difficult, the operation is unskilled or not serious, and the refractory castable will not vibrate. real.

3) The pouring space is small during construction, and the construction personnel often add more water when storing the mix to make the refractory castable have better fluidity, but it increases the pore string in the refractory lining and reduces the density of the lining. Therefore, it reduces its strength (if the refractory castable is chemically bonded, adding too much liquid binder will have the same adverse effect): On the contrary, the lining will not be compacted, and it will also shorten the service life of the refractory castable.

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